Herbal Pet Magnesium Oxide Powder Supplement for Pets

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Use Herbal Pet's magnesium oxide powder for a healthier and happier pet!

Dogs require essential vitamins and minerals just like humans. Use Magnesium Oxide Powder Supplement by Herbal Pet to keep your pet moving. Magnesium is classified as an essential macromineral and is needed to facilitate the transfer of energy. It helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function, supports a healthy immune system, keeps the heartbeat steady, and helps bones remain strong. It also helps regulate blood glucose levels and aid in the production of energy and protein. Adding sufficient amounts to their diet will prevent any possible deficiencies. 

Signs of magnesium deficiencies in pets include muscle weakness, nervousness or tremors.

Magnesium Oxide Powder Supplement Benefits: 

  • 200g
  • Natural pet remedies
  • Contains 48% pure available Magnesium
  • This Magnesium Oxide is found and refined in the hot dry Limpopo region of South Africa
  • Helps increases magnesium levels, promotes healthy muscle function and reduces joint pain or cramping 
  • Health benefits include regulating body temperature, forming healthy, strong bones and teeth, producing energy, detoxifying the body and transmitting nerve impulses
  • Improves muscle functioning, prevents osteoporosis, reduces hypertension, and has a role to play in preventing cramps, migraines, bronchospasm, constipation, gallstones and kidney stones
  • Proudly made in South Africa 


Ash insoluble in HCl and Magnesium.

How to use:

Daily amount:

  • Small pets [<10kg]: 1 small pinch
  • Average pets [10-20kg]: 1/10th tsp
  • Large pets [20-40kg]: 1/5th tsp (1g)
  • Giant breeds [>40kg]: 2/5th tsp
  • Ponies: 9 grams (15 ml)
  • Horses: 15 grams (25ml)

A 200g tub will last one large dog 200 days and one horse 13 days.

Disclaimer: This is a nutritional product and is not intended as a substitute for veterinary products or advice.

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