Monitor Audio Bronze 200 Floorstanding Speakers (Walnut) 6G Pair

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  • A pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 200 Speakers is great for music lovers seeking a stereo listening setup. They're also ready to serve as front left/right speakers in a full surround sound system for movie nights.
  • High-quality materials and advanced cabinet design work "behind the scenes" to deliver exceptional depth and clarity.
  • This newest generation of Monitor's most affordable speaker series got a complete redesign for better audio performance and eye-catching looks. They come in four attractive vinyl finishes with attractive painted front baffles.
  • The Monitor Audio Bronze 200 Speakers elegant cabinet contains two 139.7 mm woofers for punchy bass and smooth midrange.
  • The cones are made of ultra-rigid, lightweight C-CAM® (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium) material that delivers high efficiency and low distortion.
  • Each is situated in its own ported acoustic chamber with Monitor Audio's HiVe® II technology providing reduced turbulence and higher velocity airflow.
  • High frequencies get the superstar treatment as well. Each Monitor Audio Bronze 200 Speakers features a 25.4 mm gold dome C-CAM tweeter with uniform dispersion (UD) waveguide for detailed sound and extended high-frequency response.
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 200 Speakers are the first-floor standers in the sixth generation Bronze speaker series from Monitor Audio.
  • They’re small in size making them ideal for small-medium-sized rooms and they boast a stunning contemporary design and optimized C-CAM drivers.
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 200 Speakers is undeniably attractive, and join the rest of the series in the fresh and contemporary design. The cabinet has been designed with clean, simple lines for an attractive and modern look.
  • The baffle contrasts nicely with the speaker and for an even cleaner look, it has a matching magnetic grille.
  • It’s available in four contemporary colors to suit your home décor whether it's classic or modern. Choose from black, white, walnut, and urban grey.



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