My Butchers Block - Spice Infusion Box

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The My Butchers Block Infusion Box is a veritable treasure trove consisting of botanicals or spices. Stretch your imagination to the limit!

The Infusion Box is equipped with a secure lid and 12 individual compartments for easy storage. You can mix-and-match your favorite flavour combinations or experiment with different taste sensations.

The main idea behind it is to have something that’s not only a beautiful addition to any personal or professional space, but also to encourage hands-on interaction with infusions.

The Infusion box comes in two variants, a Spice box or a Botanical box, refills will also be available for order online. Pick and choose the flavors that tantalize your taste buds and tickle your senses. The botanical box is best used for pimping your Gin or any other drink of choice, whilst the spice box is the perfect accompaniment in the kitchen keeping everything in its place for ease-of-use.

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