Sophie Moda - Aerodynamic Clear Full Face Protective Glasses V2 - Clear

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Sophie Moda is here to help people finding the right style at the right price and we believe fashion must change every day.

- Adult Full Face Protective Glasses
- Material: Scratch-resistant polycarbonate
- User: Unisex
- Weight: 78g
- Size: 16 x 14cm
- Ergonomic Design
- Lightweight
- Multicolour
- Minimalist Style
- Can be worn with myopia glasses

High-quality material for effective protection. 100% brand new,
Covers your nose, eyes, and mouth, it works as a barrier when you subconsciously reach for these parts and draws attention whenever you fall into your habit. it's not only can block saliva droplets and chemical splashes, but also effectively isolation and protect the health of you and your family.

You can still wear your own glasses while you are wearing this
Compatible with glasses, covering the eyes, nose, and mouth, this product has been carefully designed for Skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, motorcycles, cycling, and other outdoor and indoor activities.

It is coated with Anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings to mitigate fogging and minor scratches on the shield’s surface. Given the nature of the product, It should be washed with soap and water daily after use. Doing so will not only keep it clean but also increase its resistance to fogging, as soap is a highly-effective anti-fog agent.

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