AEG 70cm Gas on Glass hob 5 burner HKB75540NB


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The AEG gas hob with FlameLight adds a new level of safety and confidence to cooking with gas. The bright LED lights tell you at a glance if a burner is turned on or off, and if a pan support is still hot after use. So you can concentrate on making great-tasting food.

Automatic Ignition: The gas hob is lit automatically when the control knob is pushed and turned, in a single-handed operation

Flame Failure Device: If the flame accidentally goes out or if a burner is left on for a very long time, the gas is shut off from the source, ensuring perfect safety.

Premium Design: The premium black glass finish together with the robust cast iron pan supports compliment any kitchen design.

Wok Burner: The multicrown burner incorporates multiple rings of flame into one powerful burner to deliver maximum heat. That makes this hob perfect for wok cooking.

1x 1000w aux burner

3x 2000w semi rapid burners

1x 3900w multicrown burner

WEIGHT 20 kg
DIMENSIONS 600 × 700 × 100 mm

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