Canon 8x25 IS Binoculars 7562A019AA


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Just 12 cm wide and weighing only 490g. the new 8x25 IS binoculars are the most compact and lightweight IS binoculars Canon has ever developed.


Compact, lightweight design
Tilt Mechanism Image Stabilizer
8x magnification power
Rounded shape
Field flattener lens
Simple and convenient to use
Battery allows 6 hours of continuous operation
Centrally mounted controls.
The new IS binoculars have an appealing rounded shaped design for more comfortable handling. They owe their small size, low weight and superb image-stabilizing ability to the latest in Image Stabilization technology: the Tilt Mechanism. This mechanism keeps your subject steady by correcting movements, such as hand shake. Battery power is minimized because the IS optics only uses power when the IS button is pressed. Like the focusing knob, this button is centrally located on the binoculars, easily reachable by both left and right handed users. As a further refinement, the tilt-system Image Stabilizer of the 8x25 IS suppresses chromatic aberrations and reduces colour ‘smearing’ in order to keep your image clear. Being environmentally conscious Canon have used lead-free glass in the new IS binoculars.


490 g


6.12 cm


13.8 cm


12 cm

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