Connex Connect Smart WiFi 720P IP Camera Indoor CC-C1002


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Smart WiFi IP Camera, 720P, 1Mbyte, Supports 128Mb SD Card, with 10m Night Vision.

Motion detection and Record, Stream Footage Live on your Android or iOs Smart Phone or record to SD Card on Camera.
This Camera requires an existing 2.4Ghz WiFi 802.11bgn
Connects to “Connex Connect” App to manage and Share all the features.

Record and Live Stream all Movement in your House
Manage the Camera, Detections Recorded Footage via your Smart Phone and WiFi
Use Connex Connect App, to Create Scenes, Scenarios and IFTT support
Keeping on top of your Security, when you are not available and get alerts.
Share the Camera access with Family members.

Connects to Product Using Mobile and Wifi
720P or 1Mega Pixel Camera, 2.9mm Lens, with 10m Infra Red Night Vision and Motion Detector
No Hub Required, connect direct to your WiFi
Supports 128Mb SD Card
1 x App to control all your Smart Devices

Connect and Manage Camera via Smart Phone using your Home WiFi network.
720P / 1Mp Camera, with 10m Motion Sensing and Blocking and Night Vision
Connects to your WiFi no Special Hub required to Operate.
All controlled via “Connex Connect” all your Security and Home Monitoring in 1 App

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