Volkano Traffic series 720p Dash Camera - black - End of Life


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- Capture every moment of your travels in superb quality footage.
- The Traffic Series Dash Camera features auto collision recording at 720P, and will automatically start recording on detection of a crash.
- Loop recording will record new video and delete older video when the storage card is full.
- Installs easily, is unobtrusive, has a wide 120° lens. Recordings are stored onto a Micro SD card.
- Provides video evidence that can protect you against false accusations after an incident, road rage, drunk drivers and insurance fraud.

From capturing your high speed adventures to simply keeping an eye on the road, the Traffic Series dash camera is perfect for long journeys or short city hops. Loop recording means you will always have the most recent footage available to you and automatic collision recording helps you see exactly what happened in the event of an accident. Installation is easy with the included suction mount and the camera itself is compact enough to not obscure your vision while driving.

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