Defy 34 l Grill Microwave DMO392


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Healthier than other cooking methods, grilling your food in the microwave will add a crispy, brown finish to your favourite meals or for even faster results, our combination function can grill and microwave your food at the same time, perfect for cooking a delicious chicken dish. This stainless steel strips (front) microwave oven comes with a powerful grill function, offering a quick and healthy cooking alternative. Its auto-cook menu and multi-stage cooking options take the effort out of microwaving.

As technology has developed, we’ve been afforded the option of cooking much healthier meals in even less time. This technology has been honed into the Defy 34l Grill Microwave, which lets you prepare any meal quickly without sacrificing the beneficial nutrients and flavours. For those on-the-go, or when there’s a hungry family waiting, then the combination grill and microwave option cooks food in even less time – from a basic side dish through to a full-on chicken. There are pre-set menu programmes that automatically determine your cooking level for you, and with the digital display, mirror glass door, stainless-steel strips and silver finish, it’s a really beautiful kitchen appliance as well.

34L capacity
Grill microwave
Electronic control Digital display
Power output 
1000W microwave
1300W grill
Preset menu programs
Cooking end signal
Interior cavity: grey painted
Silver finish
Mirror glass door
Stainless steel strips (front)

Product Weight 17.3 kg
Product Dimensions 474mm(L) x 539mm(W) x 300mm(H)
Shipping Weight 19.8 kg
Shipping Dimensions. 539mm(L) x 474mm(W) x 300mm(H)

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