Mission Subwoofer (Each) LX-10


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The LX-10 Sub features a 10 inch polypropylene long throw drive, with lightweight and rigid properties ideal for tight, clean sounding bass. A 200W amplifier powers the subwoofer, providing impact for those key scenes and musical moments in any movie soundtrack. The LX-10 Sub includes a flexible crossover and phase inversion, to easily integrate into your existing speaker system, whether a 2.1 stereo or 5.1 home cinema surround sound system. Connect the subwoofer to your amplifier with a stereo RCA or mono LFE RCA input for the best performance in your system setup.

The cabinet of the LX-10 sub has been carefully designed using CAD analysis and extensive testing, in order to eliminate any unwanted resonances and vibration. This results in a clearer, more focused signal for pure bass. The internal cabinet bracing reduces noise and allows the driver to perform with better efficiency.

Mission LX-10 Sub Subwoofer features

-10 inch long throw driver

-200W amplifier for power and impact

-Crossover range and phase inversion for system integration

-Stereo RCA or mono LFE RCA inputs

-Cabinet bracing eliminates unwanted resonance

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