Mission – Wireless Hub Powered by 60W 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers – Each LX-Connect


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The Mission LX CONNECT wireless speaker system is Missions first ‘True Wireless’ speaker system. Utilizing innovative wireless technologies and combining it with the award-winning LX MKII Series speakers, the Mission LX CONNECT offers a new level of convenience and performance that changes the game for all wireless speaker systems.

LX CONNECT offers wireless connectivity via an advanced wireless hub that hosts all of the connectivity options for your listening pleasure. The LX CONNECT HUB intelligently transmits left and right audio signals to the appropriate speaker via uncompressed, 5.8Ghz wireless audio signal transmission. There is no trailing cable between speakers or hub with no need for the speakers to be connected together via a cable, for ‘True Wireless’ audio.

General Description: Wireless Speaker System
Design Philosophy And Core Technology: 5.8GHz Wireless Uncompressed
DAC ESS Sabre 9018
Support Music And Movie Mode
-Headphone Amplifier
-Support USB Upgrade
-Pre Delay Setting
-Roon Tested
-Touch Control
Analogue Input: RCA (AUX)
Digital Input: OPT, COAX, PC USB, Bluetooth, AV Audio
Analogue Output: RCA Pre Out
Pre Amplifier: (hub)
Input Sensitivity: 300mV (AUX IN, volume = MAX)
Input Impedance: 13K (AUX IN)
Variable Output Voltage: 0 – 3.2V
Output Impedance: 100 ohm
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (+/-0.3dB)
Signal-to-noise Ratio: > 100dB (AUX IN, A-weighted)
(S/N) > 110dB (digital Inputs, A-weighted)
Total Harmonic Distortion :< 0.001% (digital sources )
< 0.005% (analogue sources)
Sampling Rate: 24bit – 192kHz (OPT, COAX)
32bit – 384kHz (USB, PCM)
2.8M for DSD64, 5.6M for DSD128,
11.2M for DSD256 (USB, DSD)
Digital Filters: Fast Roll-off, Slow Roll-off, Minimum Phase

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