Samsung 9Kg Tumble Dryer - Inox Silver Finish DV90T5240AN


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Opens how you want - Reversible Door
Choose the direction that the reversible door* opens to suit the layout of your home. Just change which side it opens to fit the location, what’s around it and how you do things. It also means that walls won’t get in the way! And it is transparent, so you can check what’s inside with a glance.

Wrinkle-free clothes - Wrinkle Prevent
Keep dried clothes wrinkle-free without ironing. Simply select Wrinkle Prevent and, once the drying cycle ends, it intermittently turns the drum with no heat for up to 180 minutes. It prevents clothes from resting in one place for too long while hot, so creases don’t form in the fabric.

Intelligently dries - Optimal Dry
Optimize your drying performance effortlessly! Optimal Dry uses 3 sensors to achieve the best results. It monitors the humidity and adjusts the drying time, so laundry is ready quickly and using minimal energy. It also stops clothes from being damaged and reminds you to clean the Heat Exchanger.

Easy maintenance - 2-in-1 Filter
Maintain your dryer more easily and optimize the drying performance and safety. An innovative 2-in-1 Filter has a two-layered mesh filter. So there’s no need for a Heat Exchanger filter, making it easier to maintain. Two alarms also remind you when the Filter and Heat Exchanger need cleaning.

Drying Capacity
Drying Capacity (kg): 9

Body color: Inox
Door: Carved Door (Black)
Panel Display: AI Control

Type of Dryer: Heat pump
Cycle time (min): 220 min
Energy Efficiency Class: A+++
Energy Consumption (annual): 194
Condensation Efficiency Class: B
Noise Level (Dry): 63 dB

AI Control - Yes
Interior Drum Light - Yes
Smart Control - Yes
Reversible Door - Yes
Child Lock - Yes
Delay End - Yes
Drum type: Diamond
Dry Level: 3 Levels
Drying Rack - Yes
Drying Time selector - Yes
Mixed Load Bell / Damp Alert - Yes
Wrinkle Prevent - Yes
Optimal Dry System - Yes
Smart Things - Yes

Cool Air - Yes
Iron Dry - Yes
Outdoor Yes
Time Dry - Yes
Towels - Yes
Warm Air - Yes
Wool - Yes
Option List: Delay End, Alarm Off, Wrinkle Prevent, Dry Level, Dry Time, Damp Alert, Smart Control, Child Lock
Bedding - Yes
Quick Dry 35' - Yes
Cotton - Yes
Delicates - Yes
Mixed Load - Yes
Shirts - Yes
Synthetics - Yes

Physical specification
Net Dimension (W x H x D): 600 x 850 x 600 mm
Net Weight: 49 kg
Full Depth Including Protruding Part: 650 mm
Drum Material: Stainless

Wi-Fi Embedded - Yes
Bluetooth - No
Wi-Fi Dongle(Separate sale) Support - No
Wi-Fi Kit - No

Drying Capacity (kg) 9
Energy Efficiency Class A+++
Physical specification 600 x 850 x 600 mm
Net Weight 49 kg
Specifications Detail
Drying Capacity
Drying Capacity (kg) 9
Body color Inox
Door Carved Door (Black)
Panel Display AI Control
Type of Dryer Heat pump
Cycle time (min) 220 min
Energy Efficiency Class A+++
Energy Consumption (annual) 194
Condensation Efficiency Class B
Noise Level (Dry) 63 dB

AI Control Yes
Interior Drum Light Yes
Smart Control Yes
Reversible Door Yes
Child Lock Yes
Delay End Yes
Drum type Diamond
Dry Level 3 Levels
Drying Rack Yes
Drying Time selector Yes
Mixed Load Bell / Damp Alert Yes
Wrinkle Prevent Yes
OptimalDry System Yes
Smart Things Yes
Cycle Cool Air Yes
Iron Dry Yes
Outdoor Yes
Time Dry Yes
Towels Yes
Warm Air Yes
Wool Yes
Option List
Delay End, Alarm Off, Wrinkle Prevent, Dry Level, Dry Time, Damp Alert, Smart Control, Child Lock
Bedding Yes
Quick Dry 35' Yes
Cotton Yes
Delicates Yes
Mixed Load Yes
Shirts Yes
Synthetics Yes

Physical specification
Net Dimension (W x H x D) 600 x 850 x 600 mm
Net Weight 49 kg
Full Depth Including Protruding Part 650 mm
Drum Material Stainless
WiFi Embedded Yes
Bluetooth No
WiFi Dongle(Separate sale) Support No
WiFi Kit No
App Connectivity
SmartThings App Support Yes

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