Rapid Recover Pro Massage Gun

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Rapid Recover offers various systems used for increasing circulation in the limbs, to assist with the removal of inflammatory fluids and circulate rich blood and nutrients back to areas needing restoration and repair.

Pro Massage Gun

  • 45Db Noise Level
  • 60W Power Brushless Motor
  • Amplitude:12mm
  • 3200rpm
  • Rechargeable 2600mAh lithium-ion battery

QUIET AND PORTABLE: Take your percussion massager to the gym, or bring with you in the car. The cordless massage gun is truly portable and allows you to treat aching muscles at virtually any place. Its super quiet brushless motor makes on-the-go chiropractic therapy a breeze. Single-handed operation, comfortable grip, rechargeable, long-lasting lithium-ion battery, you’ll be glad you brought the Rapid Recovery Pro Massage Gun with you.

3 SPEED LEVELS + 4 MASSAGE HEADS: Choose the speed level that best suits your need, change the massager head to more precisely target different body parts and muscle groups. A beautiful carrying case is included for easy travel and storage.

12mm Amplitude

Level 1: 1800rpm

Level 2: 2400rpm

Level 3: 3200rpm

  SUPER POWERFUL: Rejuvenate sore tissue and aching muscles with Rapid Recovers’ powerful massage gun. The Rapid Recover Pro Massage Gun can send waves of relaxation and relief to a focused muscle group to speed up recovery. It’s also very helpful in boosting everyday mobility and flexibility via trigger-point massage therapy for joint pain relief, myofascial release, and sore muscle relief.   EASY TO USE: Three well-hidden LEDs displays speed setting and warns of low battery level. The single button allows you to turn the device on and select the correct speed for your treatment. It’s also very easy to switch vibration heads. The robust build and feel make it a class leader.  

The Rapid Recover 6 Gun was awarded the Runners World Magazine, editor’s choice Recovery product in May 2020 here is what they had to say:

"The massage gun: it's the running worlds latest recovery-station hero. The point and shoot application is as simple as it is effective.

A variety of contact point attachments allow you to really target the myofascial lines for specific unlocking of tightness, and send waves of relaxation through your muscles while stimulating blood flow and breaking down down damaged tissue accumulations.

Your weapon comes in a useful carry case, which you'll start taking with you everywhere- Coffee shops, beware."

Runners World Magazine, May/June 2020


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